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Guardians of Technology: a summary of learning!

Will, Catrina, Mike, and I thought we would love to work together to demonstrate our learnings this semester. Please enjoy our Guardians of the Galaxy inspired project. We had a ton of fun making it; many laughs were had!

Author: Janeen Clark

I am a teacher with Regina Public Schools in Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada. Primarily I teach ELA and Fine Arts, and I am a part of Balfour Arts Collective.

3 thoughts on “Guardians of Technology: a summary of learning!”

  1. Great job on the video Janeen! What platform did you use for editing? Was a great class and the debates added an extra element of fun to the course and class discussions. Good luck in your future classes!


  2. Loved the video!!! I may have laughed out loud a few times while watching it šŸ˜‚ . Well done! Good luck with the rest of your courses!


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